Bongi Phili Uniforms was established in 2005. Our competitive edge is our location, focus on excellent customer service and the experience and knowledge of the owner who has already identified key factors that must be achieved to make the company successful. 


The future for Bongi Phili Uniforms appears bright. The company has more strengths than it has weaknesses. It has opportunities for growth and profitability by simply following this business plan and by finding a source of funds to make it grow bigger.




  1. Design and implement strict financial controls to help ensure future success
  2. Achieve profitability by year end 2020 and in future years by increasing sales diligently controlling expenses
  3. Increase sales to local area businesses, teams, groups, and organisations through more aggressive marketing




Professional quality hometown service




We offer corporate wear items such as:


  • hats
  • shirts
  • jackets
  • sweatshirts
  • sports apparel
  • promotional items


We also offer decorations for events such as:


  • parties
  • funerals
  • graduations
  • church activities